The 12 Days of Red Collar Christmas

IT’S BACK! For the most wonderful time of the year, the Red Collar 12 Days of Christmas returns, featuring a different special/deal at the tasting room everyday we’re open from Dec. 12th to 24th. (See poster of all the days).

Like last year, we will be giving out 12 days of Xmas punch cards on the 1st day of Xmas (Dec 12th). If you manage to take part in every special we run during the Christmas season you will receive a bonus gift on the 24th! It’ll be super great, we promise ;).

Some of the specials are the same as last year, some are new, keep your eyes on our social media as we will post the night before what the special the next day will be!

Happy Holidays everyone, can’t wait to see you all!



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