Do you have food?

Yes. We have a limited all-day menu with snacks such as peanuts and artichoke dip as well as paninis and freshly made soup. We also run a hot kitchen which serves nachos, pizzas, and warm pretzels with cheese and bratwurst (bratzels) from 4-9pm.

Do you sell bottles?

Five of our beers are available in 650ml bottles. They can be purchased at the brewery during regular hours as well as at selected cold beer + wine stores. From the brewery beers are available as single bottles and in cases. See Our Beers and Retail Locations sections for more info. *For a limited time we almost have a sixth beer in bottles, the Black Quad Dog Quad, available while supplies last. (See the News Feed for a list of liquor stores who also carry it).

Are children allowed?

Yes, minors are permitted in our taproom as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Do you serve wine or spirits?

Yes but very limited. We are a production brewery so our main focus is our own products, however we do offer a red and a white wine from local Monte Creek Winery, and we hopefully have a tap cider coming soon!

Do you sell kegs?

Yes, kegs are available for retail purchase. It is best to contact the brewery in advance of your event to ensure the beer is in stock. A deposit on the keg is required at time of purchase.

Do you sell merchandise?

Yes. We have t-shirts, tank tops, long-sleeved shirts and sweaters. We also have toques coming in shortly.