Tuesday, February 18th

Trivia Tuesday #2 Winter 2020

The 2nd of four rounds of the 2020 RCB Trivia Season! Sign up here: https://forms.gle/xCC2WBU8RdxCT69D7.

Friday, February 14th

Bob’s Night Out – A Vertical Tasting

This vertical tasting event will be hosted by our brewmaster and will feature the original Wobbly Bob English Strong Ale, as well as two barrel-aged variants, Bob Was Berried and Bob Hops Back. This will be the official release of Red Collar’s very first barrel-aged brews, and an exclusive chance to be the first to try them out! The event will also feature a brewery tour, food for the entire session, a welcome beer and access to an exclusive cask conditioned brew. Tickets are $40 including tax and gratuity, and must be purchased ahead of time. There will be two 2 hour sessions, the first beginning at 5pm and the second at 7pm. Sessions will be capped at 25 attendees, couples, singles and groups are all encouraged to attend. Follow the links to sign up.
5pm: https://forms.gle/aakCvrkoTWGv5SBS9
7pm: https://forms.gle/W2eYZc15nkFuQHGt9