Backyard BBQ Series Returns

We are kicking off the BBQ season on today, May 20th, with homemade burgers and a couple unique casks! Quantities are limited (and the burgers always go fast!) Рso both food and cask beer is first come, first serve, no tickets or reservations! Stay tuned for more info and new beer releases around the same time! Doors are open at 1pm Рcasks and food will get going between 3pm & 4pm!

Cask #1: IPA hopped with Laurel and fermented with San Diego Super Yeast
Cask #2: IPA and Dubbel hopped with cherrywood smoked Nugget and fermented with American Ale Yeast.

This is the first of our summer Backyard BBQs – more to come from now until September! The next event will be on June 17th!



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